Last Data Update from the County: 2014

2013 Aerial photos: July 2013
The images were flown in late June and early July 2013.

Planning Actions
All planning actions are available for viewing. To find out more information about the file, select the parcel using the identify tool (the blue circle with the I in the middle at the bottom of the screen) then click on the Applications and Permits on the right side of the screen.

Storm pipes, manholes and catch basins
Are available as a layer to view.

Hillside Special Purpose Layer The darker brown color is the landslide risk area. WQRA (Water Quality Resource Area) Layer

Rockwood Urban Renewal Area These are the lots in the Urban Renewal Area.

Property Id This six digit number is now shown with the older, traditional nine digit Rno. This new number was assigned to parcels by Multnomah County when they upgraded their computer system. The ability to search by this Property ID is coming soon.

The data within the City limits is carefully screened and edited. For questions concerning site addresses within the city limits of Gresham (or question and comments about GreshamView in general) please contact IT Help Desk at 503-618-2020 or

The data in unincorporated East Multnomah County is loaded "as is." There may be errors in site addresses as they appear in the County system.

The Tenant information is gleaned from the City's Business License system and other sources. They are shown for reference only. Not all tenants are listed in GreshamView, just major businesses, apartment and business complexes. A notation of "(coming)" next to a tenant means the business is not yet open for business. Please contact City Office with additions or corrections.

The Gresham maintained GIS layers and the department responsible are:

Planning: Zoning, Special Purpose districts: Historic, Open Space, Natural Resource, Hillside; Significant Trees, Zipcodes

DES: Hydrants, Schools, Parks, Hauler

ONCE: Neighborhood Association

The other layers are Metro supplied layers that have been clipped for the Gresham area. See Metro Layer Info for more details.