Welcome to GreshamView!

A virtual tour guide, mapping tool and data search engine for information about our city.

For a list of the Zoning definitions click here: Zoning Definitions

Here are some quick tips on how to use GreshamView.

From your browser, click file, print, and choose options, and then as laid out on screen to get everything on one sheet.
You can also hit the print screen button on your keyboard, then do an edit, paste into Word or another program.
If you just want to print the picture and not the data on the right, you can right click the image, save picture as and then email the picture to someone or open it with your browser or other program.

The check boxes at the top in the orange area are the layers you can turn off and on. Simply click the box or boxes of the layers you want to see and then click the Refresh Map button to draw the map. To turn those layers off you click the box to remove the check mark, click the ones you want and then the Refresh Map button. Several layers, Aerial photos and taxlots, because they are so large, will only appear when you zoom into an area.

The buttons at the bottom: Address Search, Name Search, RNO Search, State ID Search, are used to search for specific addresses, tenants and parcels. There are search tips with each search screen.

The GIS Home button takes you out of GreshamView and back to the main screen.

The small icons at the bottom left of the screen are navigation tools. The text at the far left displays which tool is active.

The white chart turns on a legend in a separate window to show which layers are turned on.

The rectangle with the red square turns an overview map on and off to show where the parcel is in the city.

The + and - tools zoom in and out. You can select the tool and click once on the map to zoom, or with either tool you can click and hold and draw a rectangle to quickly go to the area you are interested in.

The yellow icon takes you back to the full screen of Gresham.

The hand is a pan tool, select this, click and hold on the map and you can move the map in all directions.

The blue circle with the I in the middle is the tool you can use to click on a parcel to pull the data connected to it. Let's say you don't know the address of a business, but you know the address across the street. You can search for the one you know, then with the I tool, click on the parcel you are trying to identify.

Have fun exploring Gresham! Hopefully this will be useful to you in finding parks or schools, zoning or neighborhoods, or even the nearest Starbucks!

For information about the various layers, please click on the Gresham or Metro Layer Info buttons.

Questions or comments? Please email us at: